Application of Evolutionary Simulated Annealing Method to Design a Small 200 MWt Reactor Core

Tran Viet Phu1, Tran Hoai Nam2, Hoang Van Khanh1
1 Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, VINATOM
2 Institute of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Duy Tan University

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This paper presents the application of an evolutionary simulated annealing (ESA) method to design a small 200 MWt reactor core. The core design is based on a reference ACPR50 reactor deployed in a floating nuclear power plant. The core consists of 37 typical 17x17 PWR fuel assemblies with three different U-235 enrichments of 4.45, 3.40 and 2.35 wt%. Core loading pattern (LP) has been optimized for obtaining the cycle length of 900 effective full power days, while minimizing the average U-235 enrichment and the radial power peaking factor. The optimization process was performed by coupling the ESA method with the COREBN module of the SRAC2006 system code.

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