Published: 2021-03-30


Building a VME spectrometer and testing Si PIN diode detector: a feasibility study for the first nuclear astrophysical experiments using a pelletron
Le Xuan Chung, Le Tuan Anh, Phan Viet Cuong, Mai Van Dien, Pham Duc Khue, Bui Thi Hoa, Bui Duy Linh, Nguyen The Nghia, Vi Ho Phong, Nguyen Duc Ton
Page: 1-8
Calculating radiation dose rate from online real-time environmental γ-spectrum using NaI(Tl) detector
Vuong Thu Bac, Truong Hoang Tuan, Duong Duc Thang, Bui Dac Dung, Cao Duc Viet, Nguyen Van Khanh, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Doan Thuy Hau, Nguyen Hai Ninh
Page: 16-25
Effects of electron beam irradiation on characteristic properties of expanded graphite
Pham Thi Thu Hong, Nguyen Thanh Duoc, Nguyen Thi Ly, Chu Nhut Khanh, Cao Van Chung, Doan Binh, Nguyen Tuan Kien
Page: 26-34